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Source: WFUV.Org
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NYC’s Hispanics Lay Out Blueprint for Next Mayor

The Hispanic Federation and other New York City Latino organizations are asking the next mayor to make the Latino population a priority.

They’re calling for reforms on issues including health care, education, and immigration. Leaders say Hispanics make up over a quarter of New York City’s population, but they don’t account for that percent of the city’s benefits.

“Latinos today make up one fourth of the workforce of our city, of the voter population of our city. But we do not make up on fourth of the people who are doing well,” said Ana Maria Archila, Executive Director of Make the Road New York.

Archila wants to see the city’s new mayor help small businesses and create more affordable housing. She says the real test of inequality will be how much the lives of Latinos improve during the next administration.

That’s also what Hispanic Federation president Jose Calderon wanted to address in a new so-called blueprint laid out at City Hall Thursday.

“Equity,” he said. “It cuts right across the board. When we talk about education, when we talk about immigration, when we talk about heath care, economic development, we’re always talking about equity, and making sure Latinos have their fair share that others have been granted,” said Calderon.

A new US Census report shows the income gap between New York City’s rich and poor is one of the highest in the country. Addressing that inequality is a high priority for the city’s Latino community leaders, who say the Latino population is one of the most highly neglected. The median household income for Hispanics and Latinos in New York City is $33,883, and the median family income is $36,938.

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