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Source: WPIX - CW11
Subject: TGNCIQ Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Protesters Claim Excessive Force Used By NYPD Officers

Two women are claiming
they were brutally attacked by several New York City
police officers, who were also apparently yelling sexist and homophobic slurs
at them, outside of a night club in Crown


Gay activists took to the
streets of Brooklyn Saturday, protesting** the alleged incident that
reportedly took place May 16 in front of Ife Lounge. They claim police from the
77th Precinct used excessive force when arresting the two lesbian women.


"Tiffany and I were
brutally beaten by the officers from the 77th precinct," explained
Jeannette Grey. "The officers hit me with nightsticks and hurled anti-gay
slurs at me while I lay on the pavement."


For its part, the New York City police
department issued a statement, saying it responded to a call regarding a group
of unruly and intoxicated people who were fighting with each other outside of
the club. The statement goes on to say that Tiffany Jimenez, 19, one of the two
women arrested, was so intoxicated she was rushed to the hospital.


The NYPD made clear, it’s
internally investigating the civilian complaints that were filed.


**Make the Road New York (MRNY) Globe activists organized the rally.