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Source: ABC 7 News
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Rally for Undocumented Immigrants Held in Elizabeth After Supreme Court Decision


ELIZABETH, New Jersey (WABC) —The Supreme Court dealt a big blow to President Obama’s plan to block deportation for undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Juan Garcia of Elizabeth, New Jersey, says the Supreme Court decision felt like a punch to the stomach.

“We just want to feel included in this country. It’s so sad that people don’t support,” said Garcia, an undocumented immigrant from Colombia.

Rather than dwell on the news, he said it was time to rally nationwide. He took his opportunity on the steps of Elizabeth City Hall.

They chanted in Spanish “We’re here and we’re not leaving.”

Nearly 50 people, many undocumented like Garcia were making their voices heard and hoping voters take notice.

Their signs said they will continue in this fight. They say it’s far from over.

Olga Aramas says she’s been in this country for 14 years, her children were born here; she says there’s no better country in the world.

The Peruvian immigrant like many others there wants the chance to work and obtain a driver’s license.

When Eyewitness News asked Rosanna Madeira how she felt about the decision she said she’s sad for the five million people like herself who could benefit from the change.

The court’s 4-4 deadlock lets stand a lower court’s injunction against an Obama administration program that offered more than four million undocumented immigrants a chance to remain in the country without fear of deportation.

“It’s 4-4 that means there’s still hope,” Assemblywoman Annette Quijano said.

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