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Know Your Rights
Source: The Nation
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Take Action Now: Commit to Showing Up for Immigrants in Your Community and Next Steps on Health Care

“Take Action Now” gives you three meaningful actions you can take each week whatever your schedule. This week, you can sign up for text alerts on actions to defend immigrants, write to a corporation that profits off of President Trump’s agenda, and organize your own protest to highlight the stories of those who would lose their health care under a repeal of the Affordable Care Act or cuts to Medicaid. You can sign up for “Take Action Now” here.


This is a simple thing you can do today to set yourself up for more involved action in the future: Sign up for United We Dream’s #HeretoStay network. By joining the network, you pledge to sign petitions, make phone calls, and physically show up when immigrants in your community need you. The organizers behind #HeretoStay will help by sending you text alerts on campaigns to stop deportations and fight for immigrants’ rights. You can sign up here or by texting HereToStay to 877877.


Write a letter to a corporation profiting from President Trump’s hateful agenda. The Trump administration cannot pursue its agenda of vilifying and attacking immigrants on its own. Make the Road New York and the Center for Popular Democracy launched the Corporate Backers of Hate campaign to draw attention to and pressure companies that help—either by financing detention centers or private prisons or sitting on Trump’s business council—and they are asking people across the country to write personal letters to these companies. Many of their recent efforts have focused on JP Morgan Chase; CEO Jamie Dimon sits on Trump’s business council and the company finances immigrant-detention centers and private prison companies. You can write a letter to JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon here.


Organize and host your own health-care event for the July 29 Our Lives On the Line day of action. Even as we celebrate the defeat of the latest iteration of Trumpcare, we cannot forget that politicians were willing to vote to take away our care—and that they could do it again. That’s why on Saturday, July 29, people across the United States will gather to share their stories as part of a massive nationwide day of action to lift the voices of the millions of Americans who would lose their health care if we repealed the Affordable Care Act or cut Medicaid. If there’s no event near you yet (you can find them all here), sign up here to host your own. There are directions to help you out on the Our Lives On the Line website.