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Source: ABC 7 News
Subject: Education Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Teens facing more job competition with adults

Being a part of orientation for a summer youth program is good news for those getting paid for their participation, but for Adrianna [member of Make the Road New York], the news is not so good.

Adrianna says she has not found a job, after looking in a lot of places.

Adrianna and the unpaid interns in the group are among thousands of young people in the city, and thousands more across the nation who are unable to find summer jobs. In the past, the not-for-profit group called “Make the Road”, has been able to do more hiring.

The nationwide summer unemployment rate for teens is 23.7 percent. In New York City, it is much worse at 35.6 percent.

Michael Saltsman of the Employment Policy Institute says employers are hiring for more experienced work.

Summer jobs that once went to teenagers, for example, in fast food restaurants or in retail stores, are now going to out-of-work adults.

Britanny [member of Make the Road New York] says she was competing for jobs with older members of her own family. She says her mother, brother and sister were all going for the same jobs.

Experts suggest it is still valuable to gather unpaid job experience. Saltsman says volunteer job experience can help in the future.

Teens that spoke to Eyewitness News agreed that volunteer and internship credit can be good, but they say a few summer paychecks would be a big help.

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