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Know Your Rights
Source: Cosmopolitan
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

These Young Immigrant Women Have Something to Say About That Jacket

In news you already know: Melania Trump departed the White House yesterday to visit the immigrant children her husband’s administration had separated from their parents, and she chose to wear a jacket that read, “I really don’t care. Do u?” The first lady’s press secretary said it meant nothing. Trump said it was a message to the media.

These women have something else to say. In a visit to the offices, four young immigrants — members of Make the Road New York — gave the jacket a bit of a re-design.

Rosa, 19

Ruben Chamorro

“I needed to raise my voice because I need to let Melania and the children know that we do care. I want those kids to know they’re not alone. Their pain is our pain.” —Rosa, 19

Johanna, 18

Ruben Chamorro

“Kids deserve a childhood, a good childhood — not being placed in a cage that feels like a prison. They should be free. I want to remind the world of that.” —Johanna, 18

Jennifer, 18

Ruben Chamorro

“She could have worn that jacket any other day. It was so frustrating to see and made me feel so angry, because instead, she chose to wear it on a day when she was going to see kids. She could have shared a positive message.” —Jennifer, 18

Stephanie, 19

Ruben Chamorro

“When I saw the jacket I thought Melania was laughing at us. That she was using our pain as immigrants for profit. My jacket sends the message that just because I’m an immigrant, I would never want to be separated from my parents or sibling.” —Stephanie, 19