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Source: NY1
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Transgender Community Speaks Out Against Stop-And-Frisk

Members of the transgender community gathered in Queens Thursday to raise awareness of the abuse they can suffer during stop-and-frisks.

Make the Road NY officials say the 115th Precinct, which polices Jackson Heights with the 110th Precinct, has the third-highest rate of stops in the city.

“When they are stopped, you know, and frisked, they usually suffer physical violence, verbal harassment, often times, you know, groping of their genitals,” said Karina Claudio, an organizer with Make the Road New York.

“They just like, ‘are you man or woman?'” said Nicole Teyuca, who spoke out against the stop-and-frisk policy. “And I’m like ‘what do you want me to be?’ In that moment, they just got out of the car, put me against the wall and they tell me you are under arrest.”

“I would just love for them to get sensitivity training,” said Brooke Cerda, who is also against the policy.

The transgender community also marched through Jackson Heights to show their solidarity.

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