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Source: BK Reader
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Undocumented Workers in NY Can Soon Apply for $15.6K Aid Payment

Make the Road Fund Excluded Workers Campaign Coordinator Bianca Guerrero said the organization had been pushing the state to “meet workers where they are.”

Workers who can provide written proof of income from before the pandemic — like paystubs or tax returns — are eligible for $15,600. But those who cannot will only be able to get $3,200.

“Domestic worker, street vendors, construction workers who work solely in cash and off the books don’t have the formal proof of employment that white collar workers might have,” Guerrero said.

While the bar to apply is high, the amounts undocumented workers are getting are much less than others got in unemployment or stimulus checks.

“There is no way a $3,200 emergency relief payment can make up for a whole year of tragedy and pandemic unemployment, of struggling to put food on the table, keep up the WiFi for the kids, pay for the death of family members.”

While Make the Road is still pushing the state to make the application process even easier, Guerrero wants to encourage all to apply.