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Know Your Rights
Source: NY1
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Video: Low-Wage Workers March For Better Conditions

Low-wage workers marched in the streets Tuesday to demand better pay and benefits as well as more respect.

The event was part of the National Day of Action for workers’ rights.

Lawmakers and religious leaders joined workers [including Make the Road New York] to call for a raise in minimum wage and the addition of health benefits for some.

Employees from industries including car washes, laundries and super markets marched with locked-out Con Ed workers, taxi drivers and daycare providers.

“Some of them are getting paid below the minimum wage,” said one demonstrator. “They work 12, 13 hours, 14 hours a day. This cannot go on in the United States, the richest country in the world.”

“It’s a shame when people are working and still can’t pay the rent and can’t pay the bills and have to make choices like food or paying your bills,” said another.

The day started with a news conference in Herald Square, which was followed by a march down Sixth Avenue, over 23rd Street to Broadway and down to Union Square for a rally.

Mini-demonstrations were held at so-called “bad employers” along the way.

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