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Source: Business First Buffalo
Subject: Health Justice & Access
Type: Media Coverage

WNY businesses seek health-care options

A new
report by a small business industry group shows higher-than-expected support
from small business owners for a quality, public health insurance option.


The report
from New York Small Business United for Health Care indicates surprising levels
of support for options, along with a stronger role for government in making the
health-care system work and a willingness among small business owners to
contribute their fair share for good health care.


findings of the report say small business owners are struggling to keep up with
the rising costs of health care and are deeply concerned about not only
affordability but also the quality of health coverage options.


• 63
percent of respondents say they’re willing to contribute financially to achieve
quality, affordable health care for their employees, while 9 percent said they
were not.


• 64
percent indicated a willingness to contribute 4 percent to 7 percent of total
payroll costs in place of current health-care costs to guarantee quality


self-employed entrepreneurs, 76 percent expressed interest in buying into a
statewide or national health-care pool.


In a
prepared release, Buffalo business owner Althea Little, owner of Hair to Go
Natural, said she’s willing to contribute for health care that puts service and
value ahead of insurance industry profits.


“I believe
we need a quality public option so we can’t be held hostage by the industry any
more,” she said.


The report
was based on a survey of 202 small businesses across the state. It includes
profiles of small business owners’ experiences with health insurance and
perspectives on proposals for reform.


The State
Senate’s finance committee is working on health-care reform legislation.


New York
Small Business United for Health Care is made up of a coalition of small
businesses working to improve health care for small businesses in New York. It is a
project of
Make the Road New York, a local community-based organization
affiliated with the national Main