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Category: Workplace Justice

🎥 #FundExcludedWorkers 2.0 Launch

  • Angeles Solis Lead Organizer

On January 19, with the Fund Excluded Workers Coalition, hundreds of excluded workers rallied across New York State calling on Governor Hochul and the legislature to address the dire need of workers excluded from relief as we head into year 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic.

​Watch the powerful video of the Fund Excluded Workers Campaign 2.0 launch.

The pandemic has shown us that our safety net system is filled with gaps that shuts out thousands of New Yorkers, in particular Black, brown, and immigrant workers.
This year, we’re demanding $3 Billion be added to the Excluded Workers Fund to meet the needs of those who were eligible but unable to access the original round of funding. We’re also demanding a permanent unemployment insurance program in New York State that can be accessed by excluded workers and that always exists, not just in times of national disasters.

Watch how New Yorkers took action across the state to demand that Gov. Hochul fill the gaps in NY‘s safety net.

In solidarity,