Over the last decade homelessness has skyrocketed while the real estate industry gets richer and richer. 50% of our state’s renters can’t afford their homes, and across New York over 1.5 million households have no basic tenant protections.

In 2022, with new leadership in Albany, it’s time to turn the page on this #CuomosHousingCrisis once and for all. This year, we can take clear steps towards social housing: a publicly funded, people-controlled housing system that is democratically run by the people.

Join us to fight to pass Good Cause Eviction, give Tenant Opportunity to Purchase, eliminate 421-a, pass and full fund rental assistance, expand and fully fund the Housing Our Neighbors with Dignity Act.

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​​​​​Democrats in Congress hold the power to take bold leadership and deliver a long-awaited path to citizenship for millions. We need them to take action now.

Right now, many in Congress are discussing the possibility of parole, a temporary permit. Our people deserve so much more. We need to create a real pathway, without an expiration date, that will grant freedom to our siblings to travel, work, move and stay without the fear of being separated from their loved ones.

Call, Email or Tweet at Senator Schumer now to ensure he delivers on the commitment to pass a pathway to citizenship this year.

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In New York, our communities have organized and won critical victories for workers, including a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, protections against sexual harassment and pay discrimination, and groundbreaking new rights for farmworkers and domestic workers.

But lawbreaking corporations who tried to block our progress haven’t given up. These companies have found a way to thwart the laws they don’t like: by forcing New Yorkers to sign arbitration clauses. Over half of New Yorkers have unwillingly signed away our rights to go before a judge or jury when companies break the law. And because the Department of Labor is too underfunded and weak to address all violations, companies are free to exploit their workers without consequences. As a result of New York’s enforcement crisis, companies steal almost $3 billion from hardworking New Yorkers every year, in the form of wage theft.

Support the Empowering People in Rights Enforcement Act and restore accountability for lawbreaking corporations.

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Abby Rider

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"The 2016 election forced me to re-evaluate whether my time and money were truly aligned with my values. Now, as a Make the Road NY monthly donor and Aliadxs member, I get to provide hands-on support and invest in the essential work they do daily. MRNY is unique because it enables allies like me to amplify grassroots power and community in concrete ways."

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