We demand that ICE #KeepMarioHome!

New Yorkers and allies call on ICE to keep a beloved community member together with his asylee family for the holidays.

Mario Enrique Ujpan Morales, a 30-year-old Brooklyn resident, has been unnecessarily issued a reinstatement of a prior removal order, putting him on the path to deportation instead of allowing USCIS to grant him asylum. Mario has been a New York resident since 2016 and is the head of a household composed of his asylee wife and asylee daughter– who were persecuted in their home country for practicing their strong Christian faith– and his U.S. citizen son– who has cognitive and developmental disabilities that require constant support from both parents.

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We demand that ICE #FreeErlin immediately!

Erlin is a beloved husband and father of three who has worked so hard to provide for his family in New York City, ever since they fled from death threats in their native Honduras due to Erlin’s work as a Garifuna land rights defender, risky work that has already claimed the lives of several members of his family. After two years of following all of ICE’s instructions, this Valentine’s Day ICE cruelly detained Erlin at a routine appointment in front of his wife and young children aged 10, 2, and 9 months.

While Erlin remains detained in rural Pennsylvania, his family is experiencing unbearable hardship living at a New York City shelter without their caregiver and sole provider of income.

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Take Action Today! Tell Mayor Adams to meet with the Trawick family

Kawaski Trawick, a Black, gay man with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, was killed in his own home by NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis more than 4 years ago.  A recent draft NYPD report recommended that disciplinary charges against both officers be dropped on a technicality. Kawaski, his family, and all New Yorkers deserve better!

Take Action! Tell Mayor Adams and NYPD Commissioner Caban must REJECT the draft recommendations and take immediate action to #FireThompsonandDavis
Tell Mayor Adams to meet with the Trawick family

Tell the NY City Council to Pass the Secure Jobs Act!

Every day workers are forced to accept unsafe or harmful working conditions and hesitate to speak up because they’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs – it’s time to end that. The Secure Jobs Act (Intro 837) would give NYC’s workers the protection they need to feel comfortable enough to stand up for their rights and improve their workplaces.  

Send a letter to the NYC Council urging them to pass the Secure Jobs Act!

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​​​​​Democrats in Congress hold the power to take bold leadership and deliver a long-awaited path to citizenship for millions. We need them to take action now.

Right now, many in Congress are discussing the possibility of parole, a temporary permit. Our people deserve so much more. We need to create a real pathway, without an expiration date, that will grant freedom to our siblings to travel, work, move and stay without the fear of being separated from their loved ones.

Call, Email or Tweet at Senator Schumer now to ensure he delivers on the commitment to pass a pathway to citizenship this year.

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Jhefres Reyes

Westchester member and volunteer


“I have been a member of MRNY since 2020 and began volunteering in 2021. It was a humbling experience to support community members to fill out the Excluded Workers Fund applications. It has been an essential relief for our communities. Now I’m conducting mock citizenship interviews, helping students gain confidence so they can pass their citizenship exams and become civically engaged.”

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