Gov. Cuomo: Take Executive Action for Driver’s Licenses Now!

Immigrant families cannot wait until 2019 legislative session for protection. It is time for Governor Cuomo to use his executive power to allow undocumented New Yorkers to obtain a standard driver’s license, register and insure their vehicles, and drive safely without fear that simple traffic violation will put them in the crosshairs of President Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

Sign the petition to demand Cumo take executive action for driver’s licenses now!

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Mayor de Blasio: We Demand That NYC Include Delivery Workers In The Framework By Legalizing E-bikes!

Most e-bikes in New York City, particularly those used by tens of thousands of low-wage, predominantly immigrant workers, are excluded from this new legal clarification. This means that workers are still fined up to $500 solely for operating an e-bike in New York City, and their bikes are confiscated – leaving them unable to provide for their families while their cases linger in court. There needs to be a clear way for workers to convert their e-bikes and make them legal. It’s time to #DeliverJustice!

Sign this petition to demand Mayor de Blasio #DeliverJustice on behalf of New York City’s working cyclists!

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Governor Cuomo: Create One Fair Wage for Tipped Earners Across New York State!

Did you know that workplaces that pay people in tips are getting away with paying New Yorkers LESS THAN the minimum wage?

Restaurant servers, bussers, hosts, bartenders, car washers, and nail salon techs have rallied to end the subminimum wage that keeps them in poverty. To make game-changing progress for 400,000 New York residents who live off tips, we need to outnumber the corporate fat cats.

Sign our petition to Governor Cuomo to voice your support for One Fair Wage for tipped earners in New York!

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"The 2016 election forced me to re-evaluate whether my time and money were truly aligned with my values. Now, as a Make the Road NY monthly donor and Aliadxs member, I get to provide hands-on support and invest in the essential work they do daily. MRNY is unique because it enables allies like me to amplify grassroots power and community in concrete ways."

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