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A New Home of Strength & Dignity

Make the Road New York is building a permanent home in Queens, NY. This 3-story, 24,000 sq foot landmark community center will more than double our space for frontline services.

It will be a place of safety and strength that says: We are Here to Stay. Our new home will stand as a statewide beacon of hope and power for current and future generations.

Construction is currently underway and we will open our doors in 2022!

Be part of this historic moment!

VICTORY! NYC Parents Win $500M in Culturally Responsive Curriculum

After years of organizing, parents from Make the Road New York (MRNY) and allies at the NYC Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) are thrilled that NYC DOE will invest $500 million to bring Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Curriculum to NYC at scale for the entire system K-12 for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.

Parents now look forward to participating alongside students, teachers, and community members to ensure the curricula reflects the diversity of New York City’s communities.

VICTORY! We will Invest in Our NY!

Parents, students, and educators have organized throughout the past decade to fully fund our public schools, especially those in immigrant, Black, and brown communities. Due to our more recent organizing efforts, this year’s historic budget will raise taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers and Invest in Our New York.

$4 billion will be allocated to fund public schools over three years to meet the needs of Black, brown, and low-income districts and finally comply with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court settlement! 

Thank you to our allies in the Invest in Our New York and the Alliance for Quality Education! ¡Si se pudo!

VICTORY! Rent relief for ALL New Yorkers!

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, New Yorkers will get the rent relief they need and deserve, regardless of their immigration status. Along with the Housing Justice for All Coalition, we secured a $2.4 billion rent relief program, which will pay up to one year of rent arrears for debt accrued during the pandemic for those who qualify. 

An estimated 1.2 million tenants will ensure that they do not lose their homes. This victory makes it clear that everyone has a right to a roof. ¡Sí se pudo!

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Ida Devastation Spurs Call For A New ‘Build It Back’ Program For Flooding Victims

Meanwhile, undocumented New Yorkers aren’t eligible for FEMA relief unless they have a citizen in their household. “A lot of folks are struggling to access FEMA aid, especially mixed-status households with undocumented parents, but a U.S. citizen child,” said Becca Telzak, deputy director of Make the Road New York. “They’re struggling getting through that on…

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The Power of Diversity: Latino 100

Jose Lopez, Arlenis Morel and Theo Oshiro took the reins of Make the Road New York, one of New York’s most powerful immigrant rights groups, in April. The trio helped secure $2.1 billion in unemployment benefits for undocumented immigrants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the state’s Excluded Workers Fund. Most recently, the organization praised…

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Ida Aid Coming for Undocumented Immigrants Via Newly Launched New York Fund

New Yorkers whose households were excluded from FEMA assistance will have until Nov. 26 to apply for the funds. “Through this fund, neighbors and loved ones in dire need of relief will be able to begin repairing their homes and move forward with their lives,” said Theo Oshiro, co-executive director of the immigration advocacy group…