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Our Member Committee  Meetings are Back In Person!

After three years of virtual meetings due to the COVID pandemic, our member committee meetings are finally back in person at all our offices. Our members are thrilled to be back in the community, learning about their rights, developing their leadership skills, and strategizing to keep up the fight for respect and dignity for all New Yorkers.

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NEW: “Casita,” a manual for asylum seekers

We are thrilled to launch “Casita,” a manual for asylum seekers who have arrived in New York City.

At a time when migrants are arriving and settling in the City, the manual aims to welcome, provide information and essential resources for their daily life, and guide them to access services, regardless of immigration status, and more.


Dignity, Community, and Power: 2023 New York City Budget and Policy Platform

Our 2023 NYC platform urges the Adams administration and City Council to prioritize the well-being of immigrant and working-class communities across New York City. Our launch was held ahead of Mayor Adam’s executive budget announcement. We urged Adams to stop attempts to cut vital services and instead prioritize funding and legislation to make the City more affordable and expand the safety net for our most vulnerable New Yorkers.


Celebrating 25 Years!

Did you know that one of Make the Road New York’s first organizing victories was to stop the expansion of a youth jail? Or that our services have expanded to serve 30,000 people every year?

Check out our new brochure, 25 Years of Victories, to learn about our organization’s milestones and meet two of our current members.


Support Asylum Seekers Sent From Texas

Immigrants seeking refuge are being sent from Texas to New York against their will, many without any local connections, as part of an anti-immigrant political stunt by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. We anticipate more arrivals from Texas in the weeks ahead and we are committed to ensuring they have a welcoming home here in New York.

We are distributing prepaid phones, Metrocards and financial assistance to arriving asylum seekers.


A New Home of Strength & Dignity

Make the Road New York is building a permanent home in Queens, NY. This 3-story, 24,000 sq foot landmark community center will more than double our space for frontline services.

It will be a place of safety and strength that says: We are Here to Stay. Our new home will stand as a statewide beacon of hope and power for current and future generations.

Construction is currently underway and we will open our doors in 2022!


We offer an array of Education, Health, & Legal Services

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Tell Your Legislator: Co-sponsor the Solutions Not Suspensions Act!

Across New York State, students of color, low-income students, and students with disabilities are suspended disproportionately. Just last year alone, these students lost

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Tell the NY City Council to Pass the Secure Jobs Act!

Every day workers are forced to accept unsafe or harmful working conditions and hesitate to speak up because they’re afraid they’ll lose their

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Join the fight to demand that Albany listen to tenants and homeless New Yorkers and demand a fundamental transformation of our housing system.

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​​​​​Democrats in Congress hold the power to take bold leadership and deliver a long-awaited path to citizenship for millions. We need them to

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At Make the Road NY (MRNY), community members volunteer daily to support our organizing, education, health and legal services programs as well as our admin and operations teams.

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Achieving Dignity and Justice


Make the Road New York

Guía de Recursos “Casita”

Después de una larga y difícil jornada, ahora estás aquí, en Nueva York, la Gran Manzana. Nueva York es tu casa, y este librito es un abrazo solidario para darte la bienvenida a esta gran ciudad. Sabemos que has pasado por momentos difíciles en tu camino aquí. Sabemos que has dejado atrás seres queridos, comida…

Make the Road New York

Dignity, Community, and Power: 2023 New York City Budget and Policy Platform

DOWNLOAD OUR 2023 BUDGET AND POLICY PLATFORM As the largest community-based membership organization representing immigrants and working-class people of color in New York State, Make the Road New York (MRNY) is uniquely positioned to identify and address pressing community needs. In New York City (NYC), where the largest concentration of our 25,000 members reside, we…

Make the Road New York

25 Years of Victories

Twenty five years ago, New York City was expanding a youth jail with tax dollars. Workers in low-wage industries like car washes routinely had their wages stolen, and immigrant youth couldn’t access financial aid. Thanks to brave fights led by MRNY’s members, our city and state are, by many measures, more fair and equitable places.…