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Category: Immigration

Help us reunite Erlin with his family! #FreeErlin

  • Luba Cortes Immigrant Defense Coordinator

Sign our petition now to help Free Erlin from ICE detention and imminent deportation!

Erlin is a beloved husband and father of three. He and his family came to New York City after fleeing from death threats in their native Honduras due to Erlin’s work as a Garifuna land rights defender, risky work that has already claimed the lives of several members of his family.

This Valentine’s Day, ICE cruelly detained Erlin at a routine appointment in front of his wife and young children aged 10, 2, and 9 months. They have been inconsolable ever since.

While Erlin remains detained in rural Pennsylvania, his family is experiencing unbearable hardship living at a New York City shelter without their caregiver and sole provider of income. Two-year-old Genesis has just started to speak in words, and she is constantly asking her mother, “Where is my papá?”

Despite having a strong and well-documented fear of returning to Honduras, his attempts to pursue his legal rights have been hampered by major agency errors, all against the backdrop of his imminent deportation. Releasing Erlin from ICE custody would allow him to meaningfully pursue his legal claims, something that would be denied to him if he is deported back to danger.

Erlin’s ICE detention and imminent deportation is unjust, cruel, and will cause irreparable damage to his children’s well-being, as well as putting all of their lives at risk. 

Sign the petition today to demand that ICE return Erlin to his family.

Thank you for taking urgent action to help us Free Erlin.

In solidarity,

– Luba Cortes, Immigrant Defense Coordinator