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Category: Fundraising

Honoring Little Amal Walks NYC at Make the Road’s Gala! Oct 19th

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director
  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director
  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director

We are thrilled to honor Little Amal Walks NYC and its producers. Little Amal, a 12-foot puppet representing a 10-year-old Syrian refugee separated from her family, arrived in New York City on September 14th. She began her 17-day journey across all five boroughs, connecting with schools, artists, cultural organizations and community groups. Before arriving here, she had already traveled 5,000 miles across Europe!

Through art and theater, Little Amal has helped hundreds of thousands of people see and connect with the experience of displacement that millions of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, including thousands of Make the Road NY members, face on a daily basis.

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New York has been and always will be a home for immigrants. Just as we are now welcoming asylum seekers sent from Texas and Florida, we will always work tirelessly to protect immigrants and their families. After all, recent immigrants will uplift the future of our state just as those before them.

As we welcome Little Amal symbolically and honor the role of art in impacting change, we deepen our commitment to ensuring that immigrants and asylum seekers have a safe and welcoming home here in New York. As we serve new arrivals with critical resources, we fight together for a more just country that upholds the dignity of all immigrants.

Join us to honor Little Amal Walks NYC and purchase your tickets today!