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What #Coverage4All will mean for me!

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As we await the New York State budget to be finalized and in our final push to win health coverage for all New Yorkers, I wanted to share why I’m fighting alongside other impacted members to win #Coverage4All.

Last August, I was admitted to the hospital with chest pain, intense headaches, and overwhelming dizziness. I could barely stand. After three days, I left with a referral for a neurologist. The real nightmare came: a $54,000 hospital bill. 

I’m a factory worker living in Central Islip for over 20 years. Because I’m undocumented, I can’t access health insurance. Now I’m saddled with medical debt that could take a lifetime to pay.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
Support our fight for Coverage for All with a gift today!

Approximately 255,000 New Yorkers lack health insurance because of our immigration status. We can’t access vital tests and treatment, and we’re left in turmoil if we need emergency care.

Our state must take steps to ensure that no one else suffers this way, and remarkably, we can do this at no cost to the state. Gov. Kathy Hochul should amend her federal 1332 waiver request to include all immigrants.

Your donations and calls will help us win this. Please call state leaders now to voice your support!

Coverage for All would also save our State money. New York currently spends almost $500 million annually on Emergency Medicaid. Using federal funds to expand coverage, New York could redirect spending to other priorities. 

Help us pass this common sense, life-changing policy today! Every dollar helps, and every call matters. Add your support today.

I still can’t get insurance and am too scared to return to a hospital and leave with even more debt. No one should suffer this way. Coverage for All would help ensure that all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, have access to the health coverage we need.

Thank you for supporting this critical fight!

In Solidarity,

— Teresa Rebaza, Member of Make the Road NY