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Know Your Rights
Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Profiles of MRNY
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Building a Future with Respect & Dignity | 2015 Platform

We believe it is the duty of our community, and those who represent us, to protect the dignity of all people and promote policies that respect and value our contributions.

Watch the video and download our full policy priorities.

Respect and Dignity for Immigrants
We are immigrants. We have come to this country in search of opportunity, and our families are part of the fabric of America. But our current immigration laws keep more than 11 million of us in the shadows. We believe that all immigrants currently in this country are entitled to a path to citizenship, and we reject repressive local immigration enforcement policies. And we strive to ensure that all families, including same-­sex couples, are able to remain together and live without fear.

Respect and Dignity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer individuals
We are proud LGBTQ New Yorkers. We celebrate the strides we’ve made in our pursuit of equal rights. However, we continue to face discrimination and violence. Every day LGBTQ youth are bullied in school and rejected by their families. Transgender people are turned away from jobs simply because of who they are. And LGBTQ New Yorkers are victims of violence by community members and the police. That’s why we work to make sure our schools, workplaces, and streets are safe and free from discrimination and abuse.

Respect and Dignity for Workers
We are low-­wage workers whose labor sustains many of our state’s industries and local economies, but our jobs don’t pay enough to support our families. We experience wage theft and the lack of necessary benefits. We fight for policies that guarantee a living wage, as well as protections against wage theft and workplace discrimination. We also struggle to win respect and dignity on the job, which includes the freedom to join a union.

Respect and Dignity for Small Business Owners
We are the small business owners who have revitalized local economies and created jobs in our communities. We work long days trying to prosper in a difficult economy, but we often have to navigate complicated business regulations. We need a better support infrastructure and policies that enable those business owners who respect and value our workers to thrive in a competitive environment.

Respect and Dignity for Tenants
We are New York’s low-­income tenants. Immigrant and working class families have to struggle to find safe and affordable housing in our city, and often face unscrupulous landlords who raise rents illegally or fail to complete urgent repairs. We deserve decent, affordable housing for all, legal protections against uncontrolled rent increases and displacement, and stronger enforcement of NYC’s Housing Code to ensure healthy homes for all New Yorkers.

Respect and Dignity in Education
We are New York’s Black and Latino youth, parents and adult students. Our community’s future depends on the quality of the education available to us. But too many of our young people graduate from public schools not ready for college, and adults lacking English proficiency and high school diplomas do not have access to publicly funded classes. We fight for safe, excellent public schools and access to affordable higher education for all, including undocumented students. And we promote greater investment in English language instruction, high school equivalency classes, and job training in our communities.

Respect and Dignity in Policing
We are the young people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ New Yorkers who “fit the description.” Every day, we are stopped and frisked on our way to school or the corner bodega. We struggle for the lawful and respectful treatment of young people of color by NYPD officers and School Safety Agents. We demand an end to the profiling, abuse and criminalization of people of color, immigrants and LGBTQ New Yorkers.

Respect and Dignity in Sandy Recovery, Respect and Dignity in Health and the Environment
We are the New Yorkers fighting to rebuild our lives and communities after Superstorm Sandy. We were displaced from our homes, and rents have been skyrocketing; now many of us live in mold-­‐infested homes that are making us ill. We demand an equitable rebuilding process that does not leave us behind. We are also families who confront barriers to health like high rates of asthma, diabetes and obesity. We are forced to navigate a complicated health care system. We deserve equal access to health care and health insurance. We also have the right to healthy food and a healthy environment.