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Know Your Rights
Source: Gay City News
Subject: TGNCIQ Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Advocates, performers stand up for trans rights at TransLatinx March

More than 600 marchers and countless vendors and guests flocked to the annual TransLatinx March on July 15 in Queens, where organizers brought attention to the experience of trans-Latinx individuals and called for an end to employment discrimination and other injustices.

The 12th annual march proceeded through the Jackson Heights section of Queens and passed by Woodside Avenue and Junction Boulevard before getting back to the heart of the celebration at Corona Plaza. The Latinx community’s strong presence in the area was on display during the march, which was highlighted by the vibrant colors of the Trans Flag and other traditional decorations against the backdrop of vendors who sold food, clothing, and more.

From Corona Plaza, the crowd was carried into joy and celebration by two MCs, Nirvana and Cynthia.

“They’re happy. They’re mobile, they’re fast, they’re powerful, they have their stories about the discrimination they’re facing in employment, and how they have to now do different types of jobs to survive,” said Make the Road NY program manager Mateo Guerrero, who was ecstatic and active throughout the entire event. Make the Road NY leads the organizing effort behind the annual march. A range of other groups participated, too, including the Caribbean Equality Project.