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Know Your Rights
Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Legal Services
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What does Trump mean for DACA and DAPA? ¿Qué significa Trump para DACA y DAPA?

Now more than ever we need to come together as a community and unite our voices. DACA was fought and won by many undocumented youth who knew that, given the opportunity, they could prove what a big contribution they are to this country.

From this page you can download our Q&A on DACA & DAPA in light of Trump’s election. In summary:

  • DACA is an executive order and Trump has said he will take steps to end it, but we don’t yet know how he will carry out those plans
  • We do NOT recommend anyone apply for DACA for the first time
  • If you already have DACA and you want to renew, we recommend you do so in consultation with a legal advocate, and may file 180 days before your expiration date
  • If you want to apply for emergency Advance Parole, you may do so in consultation with a legal advocate if you are prepared to return before January 15, 2016
  • If you have DACA and Medicaid, you can continue using your health insurance and should still renew.
  • If you are uninsured, consult with a health insurance navigator, (866) 365-2724
  • If Trump takes steps to end DACA, it is certain that DACA + and DAPA will not be implemented

To speak to our legal advocates about the questions above, come to our DACA Workshops in our Jackson Heights office every Wednesday at 4PM or call your local MRNY office in Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Long Island.

The battle that is ahead of us for the immigrant community requires all of us, please join us!

To get involved in the fight, come to our Youth Power Project meetings in our Jackson Heights office every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM or inquire at your local MRNY office to get involved

We stand with you.

– Make the Road NY