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Source: Daily News
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Assembly Democrats to unveil plan for $25 million state DREAM Act on Friday to help immigrant students attend college

ALBANY — Assembly Democrats have a dream — and they’re pushing to include $25  million in the upcoming state budget to make it a reality.

The Dems will unveil a plan Friday to create a state DREAM Act to provide  college aid for kids of illegal immigrants.

Under the proposal, the state’s chief financial assistance program would be  available to undocumented students who graduate from high school in New York  State and go to college.

The Dems are also seeking another $2.9 million to help ensure DREAM Act  students are eligible for other higher education opportunity programs.

“I believe in a New York where a student’s immigration status should never  prevent them from accessing higher education,” said Assemblyman Francisco Moya  (D-Queens).

The GOP opposes using taxpayer money on illegal immigrants but is open to  creating a state-run private scholarship fund.

Senate co-leader Jeffrey Klein (D-Brooklyn) is also pushing a DREAM Act, but  wants to pay for it with fees from potential casinos.

Students [including members of Make the Road New York] across the country have rallied in support of the DREAM Act. It may  become a reality in New York State if the Democrats’ $25 million budget proposal  passes.

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