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Category: Immigration

GREAT NEWS! TPS for Venezuelans extended and re-designated

  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director

We have great news for our newly arrived neighbors from Venezuela and our fight toward respect and dignity for all immigrants!

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of my fellow Venezuelans–including many of my loved ones and friends–have been forced to flee to the United States due to the crisis facing our native land. 

Last night, the Biden Administration announced it will extend and re-designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuela. This means protection from deportation and work authorization for hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans already residing in the U.S. who arrived before July 31, 2023. This incredible announcement, which comes after months of pressure from our members and allies, could benefit as many as 472,000 Venezuelans. 

At Make the Road NY, and with your support, we have welcomed many migrants who come to our offices seeking the respect and dignity they deserve. In the last year, we have provided cell phones and financial assistance to migrants, held orientations across all our offices, and created resources like our “Casita” manual to ensure they feel welcomed and not alone. Meanwhile, we have also fought for policy changes like TPS to solve the structural problems facing communities.

Will you support our efforts to share this incredible news with eligible asylum seekers with a $50 donation today? We are committed to ensuring they have the resources they need to apply.

The decision from the Biden administration is a major positive step that recognizes the hardship faced by Venezuelans who have arrived in New York and across the country and offers them protection and a clear path to be able to work and support their families. 

As we applaud the Biden administration for taking this critical step forward for Venezuelans, we also urge the administration to recognize the political instability, violence, and natural disasters that have led immigrants from other countries to seek refuge in the United States by designating and redesignating TPS to other crisis-ridden nations. And we continue to fight for humane immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, regardless of country of origin. 

Now is the time to deliver on promises to immigrant communities and work on bold solutions that center dignity and humanity. Your support enables us to distribute critical information and adapt our services to meet the needs of eligible asylum seekers. Contributing $50 or what you can help these efforts. Thanks for your support!

In solidarity,