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Category: Immigration

We’ve helped hundreds of asylum seekers to date

  • Jose Lopez Co-Executive Director
  • Arlenis Morel Co-Executive Director
  • Theo Oshiro Co-Executive Director

For the past week our team has been greeting asylum seekers as they arrive on buses from Texas, twelve more buses arrived over the past few days alone. With the support of donors like you we’ve already distributed aid to hundreds of families.

It has been painful to hear stories from people about the difficult journeys they faced on their way here, and to know that a cruel political stunt by Governor Abbott has continued at their expense.

We are committed to welcoming asylum seekers to our city with dignity and care. We have been connecting one-on-one, sharing information about services and distributing financial aid, Metrocards and prepaid phones.

If you haven’t given yet, your support will still make a big impact: 

  • $6 covers two metro cards
  • $20 covers phone service for one month
  • $85 covers a phone with one month of service
  • $140 covers a full welcome package with cash aid, phone and Metrocards

These resources will enable asylum seekers arriving in New York to access basic needs, reach loved ones and connect to vital services. Every dollar that we raise will go directly to this effort.

Thank you for your generosity, it means so much to us.