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Know Your Rights
Source: WNYC Public Radio
Subject: Workplace Justice
Type: Media Coverage

City Opposes DOH Change

NY April 01, 2008 – Labor advocates**
and almost half the City Council support a proposed law adding fair labor
practices to restaurant requirements for licensing and annual re-certification.

would be required to check a box saying they had labor violations over the
prior 5 years. And if they did have violations, they would have to either prove
those were cleared or go through a Health Department hearing.

Department says its mission is to prevent food-related illness, not to enforce
labor laws.

say research shows restaurants that overwork or under-pay employees are more
likely to have health code violations, but officials say that research is

restaurant trade group says the proposed law unfairly targets food
establishments for tighter labor enforcement than other retail businesses.

** Including Make the Road New York