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Know Your Rights
Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Immigration
Type: Pubs & Reports

Immigrant Protest: A Guide for Attorneys Advising Noncitizen Activists in NYC


Introduction and Primary Issues Addressed

Actions are a powerful tool to build community, demonstrate power through a show of numbers, and bring attention to demands. However, engagement in protest often comes with personal risk, including for noncitizens who could face immigration enforcement as a result of contact with local law enforcement. Lawyers providing guidance to noncitizens often overgeneralize through statements such as “all action participation is dangerous,” which can feel disempowering to noncitizens who may want to engage in protest and is disrespectful to the long history of immigrant, including undocumented, activism. Through this project, we seek to assist attorneys in providing more detailed advice so that noncitizens can make informed choices about whether the reward is worth the risk.

Download our guide for attorneys and advocates who advise noncitizen activists in NYC of the potential consequences of action participation!