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Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Immigration
Type: Pubs & Reports

Leaving Behind the Newest New Yorkers: Shortcomings to Welcoming Asylum Seekers to New York City in 2024


New York is a city of immigrants.

For centuries, those seeking a better life have sought safety in New York’s vibrant and diverse communities, and the city has been indelibly shaped by their contributions. As millions of people around the world are displaced due to rising conflict, violence, and persecution, thousands have made their way to New York in the latest chapter of the city’s history.

In the past two years, nearly 183,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City. In 2024, Make the Road New York, Afrikana, and Hester Street surveyed hundreds of asylum seekers to get a full sense of the difficulties facing individuals as they settle in the city. Unfortunately, many of the challenges documented in our 2023 survey have only increased. The Mayor has continued to cut critical services for new arrivals and created additional barriers that have made it even harder for many to settle in New York City, which has been a sanctuary city for over three decades. This study documents the devastating impacts of such policy decisions.

Our 2023 survey showed evidence of increased migration from regions other than Latin America, so we prioritized surveying more than 100 migrants from African countries in 2024. 586 responses were collected and synthesized to shed light on specific challenges faced by asylum seekers in accessing legal services, work, education, healthcare, and basic resources in New York.

By systematically examining the data collected, we aim to identify the extent of the challenges facing new arrivals and propose solutions to address these resource gaps.

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