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Source: WFUV.Org
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

New York Advocacy Groups are Encouraging People to Register for the General Election

Deadline to register inNew Yorkis October 12th. 

There is one week left to register to vote. 

OneNew Yorkadvocacy group is hosting a concert inCentral Islipto get people registered. Toby Love, Dj Cipha Sounds, and Mims will be performing at the event. The Long Island Civic Engagement Table says they plan to sign up more than 500 people at their concert tonight. Coordinator Daniel Altschuler [an organizer from Make the Road] says people have no excuse not to register. 

“We want to make sure that people have all the information they need to become part of this process, and also, that we enable them [to vote] in the month before the election by reminding them to vote, by giving them invitations to candidate forms, and by knocking on their doors and calling them on election day,” he said.  

Make the Road New York is taking to the streets in Queens, Staten Island, andSouth Brooklyn. They say they’ve already reached their goal of over 10,000 new voters, but lead organizer Karina Claudio says there’s still more to be done. 

“[Make the Road New York] are out in Queens, we’re out in Jamaica Center, and in 74th street Jackson Heights because those are very busy train stations where there’s a lot of flux,” she said. 

The General Election is November 6th.

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