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Know Your Rights
Source: NY1
Subject: TGNCIQ Justice
Type: Media Coverage

Transgender Activists Protest Recent Attacks

Dozens rallied in Jackson Heights, Queens on Sunday, following reports of two recent alleged attacks against transgender women, to demand that Albany pass legislation to stop the violence.

Transgender rights activists said they want Albany to pass legislation to stop the violence.

"We have a real desperate need for a passage of a bill called ‘GNDA,’ the Gender Non-Discrimination Act which is stalled in the State Senate in Albany," said Joann Prinzivalli. "We know we have enough votes to get it passed but the leadership doesn’t seem to be able to get it to a vote for us."

"One transgendered person getting attacked is a problem and when two get attacked in two weeks, that’s a serious problem," said activist Melissa Skalrz. "It’s a tragedy, and it’s brought us all to this moment here today."

The rally was organized by the Queens Pride House and various other local advocacy groups.**

** Including Make the Road New York