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Source: NY1
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Video: Bloomberg Vetoes Two City Council Bills Aimed At Increasing NYPD Oversight

As promised, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed two City Council bills aimed at increasing oversight of the New York City Police Department.

One of those bills would create an inspector general for the police department, while the other would have made it easier for people to sue the department for discrimination.

Both measures passed the City Council last month by a margin large enough for an override.

In his veto messages, Bloomberg said that the NYPD is already subject to more oversight than any other police force in the country.

The measures have been the subject of protests, both for and against.

Those who support the bills [including Make the Road New York] say that other major cities have similar policies, and they say that the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactic shows the department profiles minorities.

Those against the bills, including the police union, say that they’ll leave the NYPD dangerously unable to do its job.

The City Council has 30 days to vote on an override.

To see the video, click here.