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Source: Spectrum News
Subject: Health Justice & Access
Type: Media Coverage

Hochul questions expanding health care regardless of immigration status

Advocates are trying to ratchet up support for a bill to expand health care coverage to include more New Yorkers regardless of their immigration status. But Gov. Kathy Hochul on Tuesday signaled she was skeptical of doing so without more money from the federal government.

Her comments come as budget watchdogs are warning New York officials against expanding recurring spending. Supporters of the health care proposal contend, however, there can be more flexibility than the governor realizes.

The state Assembly is set to return next week for two days of voting on unfinished legislative business. The bill, known as Coverage for All among its supporters, has been already approved by the state Senate.

New York has received approval from the federal government to tap federal pass-through funds to expand health care coverage. Hochul, speaking with reporters at an event to tout an expansion of paid family leave for state workers, questioned whether the current pot of money is big enough.