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Source: Newsday
Subject: Immigration
Type: Media Coverage

Letter: Progress, not perfection, on redistricting

The article “Poll finds support for redistricting” [News, Dec. 10] showed that 81 percent of Nassau County voters support a redistricting process led by a commission of citizens or community leaders, to ensure that voters have real choices when they vote.

Francis X. Moroney, chairman of the most recent — and controversial — redistricting advisory panel, said in the article that it would be difficult to keep politics out of the process.

The poll was released by the Long Island Civic Engagement Table [including Make the Road New York], and it addresses this question directly: Nearly 70 percent of Nassau voters say non-partisan reform is worth doing, even though a perfect process is impossible.

Voters in Nassau County agree that the goal is not perfection. The goal is improvement, which is both possible and badly needed.

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