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Source: Make the Road New York
Subject: Housing & Environmental Justice
Type: Event

Meet Our New Sandy Response Team – Conoce a nuestro equipo de Sandy

MRNY’s Sandy Response Team is here to help storm-affected individuals and families access aid and get back on your feet. Click to find your support person:
El equipo de Respuesta a Sandy está aquí para ayudarle a individuos y  familias afectados por la tormenta para que reciban ayuda y se levanten. Haga clic para encontrar una persona que lo ayude:

Legal & Survival Services
Servicios legales y de supervivencia

Workforce Development
Desarrollo laboral

Staten Island »
Long Island »
Queens »
Brooklyn »

Staten Island »
Long Island »
Queens »
Brooklyn »

Legal and Survival Services
Servicios legales y de supervivencia

NYC Disaster Assistance Attorney:
DANIELLE GRANTdanielle.grant [at], 347-684-7773
Danielle represents Staten Islanders in the areas of housing, healthcare, and other cases that have arisen from the storm, and also engages in policy advocacy to help borough residents recover from the storm. Prior to joining Make the Road NY, Danielle worked as an associate at Mendes & Mount, LLP. Danielle is a graduate of American University, Washington College of Law.


Long Island Disaster Assistance Attorney:
BENJAMIN LOCKE, benjamin.locke [at], 631-231-2220 x307
Benjamin represents Long Islanders in the areas of employment, housing, public benefits and other cases arisen from Hurricane Sandy. Before joining Make the Road NY, Benjamin was an associate with the immigration firm Claudia Slovinsky & Associates and he was a Legal Fellow with United Auto Workers. Benjamin received his law degree in May 2011 from New York University School of Law where he was a Reynolds Fellow and a student-practitioner in the Immigrant Rights Clinic.


Sandy Workforce Development Services
Desarrollo laboral

Staten Island & Queens Workforce Development Specialist:
DIEGO PALAGUACHIdiego.palaguachi [at], 718-565-8500 x4435
Diego holds occupational health and safety trainings to prepare and prevent daylaborers from exposure to toxic chemicals and health hazards present in worksites affected by Sandy, as well as equip workers with necessary and essential protective personal equipment (PPE) against dangers such as mold and asbestos. He has been an organizer for education, housing, immigration and worker rights issues in New York City.


Long Island Workforce Development Specialist:
AMY RICHARDS, amy.richards [at], 631-231-2220 x306
Amy holds workplace safety trainings and helps facilitate hurricane job placements. previously, Amy coordinated MRNY’s outreach efforts and canvasses on Long Island since Hurricane Sandy hit and worked with the Long Island Civic Engagement Table to build civic participation in underrepresented communities on Long Island. She is a graduate of Villanova University with a degree in Peace and Social Justice, Spanish and Global Studies, and has worked with the New York State Division of Human Rights, the Civic Leadership Institute in Berkeley, CA, and the Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic at Villanova.


Brooklyn Workforce Development Specialist:
DAPHANY SANCHEZdaphany.sanchez [at], 718-565-8500 x4435
Daphany provides employment counseling and job placement services to members of the community and builds relationships with contractors and engineers that are working in sites devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Daphany is a graduate of New York University School of Engineering, with a degree in Sustainable Urban Environments. She has served in the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Environmental Planning and Analysis and as a consituent liaison for Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras and U.S. Congresswomen Nydia Velazquez.


Sandy Response Coordination and Policy
Coordinación y Política

Sandy Response Coordinator:
MELISSA MCCRUMB, melissa.mccrumb [at], 434-989-9428
Melissa coordinates MRNY’s legal services, workforce development, outreach, organizing and policy strategy in Sandy affected areas to ensure that low-income immigrants are not left behind in Sandy recovery. Melissa graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009, and previously worked at an organizer in the DART Network in Ohio and Virginia.

Sandy Response Organizer:
DAGAN BAYLISS dagan.bayliss [at], 434-989-9428
Dagan organizes immigrant communities affected by Super Storm Sandy. His objective is to build upon recovery efforts and involve people who were impacted by the storm in the broader range of organizing work of Make the Road New York. He is a graduate of the Hunter College School of Social work where he specialized in community organization and planning. He has devoted his career to the service of Spanish-speaking immigrants addressing language isolation, domestic violence, housing, health, and other social justice issues.